We preserve the flavor, we innovate in the processes.

The Neofungi Group has its own cannery. Offering the parameters of quality for which it is characterized, the company offers a wide range of tinned products, being the best known the mushroom, which we present whole or sliced.

Other products that Neofungi offers as part of their tinned are oyster pleurotus and exotic mushrooms, giving the possibility to combine themselves. The format with which we present our product is the classic in several sizes. In addition, and recently, we also offer the product in a PET bag to keep refrigerated.

cultivated for fresh Neofungi

The elaboration as a distinctive mark.

In the Neofungi Group, we dominate the entire process, from cultivation to your table. We offer the maximum specialization in each of the steps of the process that makes us leaders, knowing how to perfectly combine innovation and tradition to achieve a product that makes us unique.

In addition, in our eagerness to satisfy more people every day, we do not stop expanding our range of tinned products. Not in vain, our motto is: Neofungi. For everyone, for everything, in every moment.


It is very simple. Each piece contained in our tinned products has been cultivated for fresh, so they keep all their organoleptic qualities in perfect condition.

In addition, by being uniquely responsible for the entire process, we can ensure that we maintain the highest quality standards in each and every one of the products we offer.


Tinned Mushrooms Neofungi