We work with fresh products with great quality, which we present on a tray and in bulk, in different formats and grammages. A food with maximum guarantees and "ready to eat", which provides greater whiteness and shelf life.

The Neofungi Group has innovative facilities, which allow us to offer fresh products ready for consumption at any time of the year. A stable production that fully meets the needs of our customers.

In addition to our mushrooms, we sell oyster grey and other mushrooms of the varieties portobello and Shii Take.

The best range of fresh mushrooms.



Fresh MushroomThe mushroom is a product top. Besides being a delicious product, which can be eaten both raw and cooked, it is very appreciated by nutritionists and dieticians due to its magnificent nutritional properties. It is rich in fiber and water, has a high protein index and has a low caloric value. It helps to lower the level of cholesterol and protects against viral infections. 


Oysters NeofungiOysters, with a delicate and smooth flavor, have a rich content in water and in complex carbohydrates and in fiber. With a texture superior to the rest of fungi, they are rich in vitamins B and C.


PortobelloPortobello is a fungus nutritionally very similar to mushrooms, but with an intense flavor.


ShiitakeShi take is a fungus from Asia, very popular especially in the eastern part of the continent (China, Korea, Japan, ...). It has been consumed for thousands of years. Its macronutrient content is high compared to other foods.Shii Take is a fungus with interesting nutritional properties, in addition to the therapeutic, associated with traditional oriental medicine and naturopathy


Although with different flavors and properties, the truth is that all the fresh products that Neofungi puts on the market, not only combine perfectly with other basic products in the Mediterranean diet, but they also do it among themselves. For this reason, we put at your disposal a series of combinations between our different fresh products, to which we add other products such as asparagus or garlic. Everything to be the ideal complement for your recipes.


We put on a tray the freshest products, with the best quality.

Washed and sliced mushroom Neofungi

Washed and sliced mushroom

Closed cut mushroom Neofungi

Closed cut mushroom

Sliced mushroom Neofungi

Sliced mushroom

Large closed cut mushroom Neofungi

Large closed cut mushroom

Sliced oyster pleurotus Neofungi

Sliced oyster pleurotus

Shiitake  Neofungi


Oyster pleurotus Neofungi

Oyster pleurotus

Champibello  Neofungi


Mini mushroom selection Neofungi

Mini mushroom selection

Portobello fresco Neofungi


Sliced portobello Neofungi

Sliced portobello

Quartered chestnut mushrom Neofungi

Quartered chestnut mushrom

And you can also take the freshest product in bulk.

Closed cut mushroom Neofungi

Closed cut mushroom

Large closed cut mushroom Neofungi

Large closed cut mushroom

Large closed cut mushroom alveolus

Large closed cut mushroom alveolus

Baby button mushroom Neofungi

Baby button mushroom

Washed sliced mushroom Neofungi

Washed sliced mushroom

Closed cut mushroom Neofungi

Closed cut mushroom

Chestnut Neofungi


Portobello Neofungi


Shiitake Neofungi


Pleourotus Eryngii Neofungi

Pleourotus Eryngii

Oyster Pleurotus Neofungi

Oyster Pleurotus